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The MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN to listen to: In the This is Media NOW podcast, we take a look each week at a key topic that is moving the media industry - from influencer marketing to media policy to the state of journalism worldwide.

There are always summaries of the individual conference days at the MEDIENTAGEN.

Here you can always find the latest episodes.


For the press kit, press releases and accreditation you are at the right place.


This is how accreditation works: In order to be able to check your accreditation request, we need the following documents for submission.

  • your press card and/or an editorial assignment
  • an article you have already published about MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN (if you have already been accredited by us in previous years)
  • or a recently published journalistic contribution by you on a media topic
Contact and request

Please note: Press accreditation for MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN is only possible if you work as a journalist for a medium or department that covers media topics or topics related to MEDIENTAGE. Accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of journalistic coverage of MEDIENTAGE. The mere presentation of a valid press card is not sufficient proof of accreditation for MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN.


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