ProSiebenSat.1 | Meet Our Partners @MTM22

How do you and your company contribute to the relevance and quality of the media?

“Media. More relevant than ever.” With this year’s motto, Medientage München is focusing on a topic that is as acute as it is worrying: free media are being discredited and fought against in many places. Fake news and conspiracy ideologies are spreading rapidly like a virus. This development underlines once again that we need free and diverse media as well as reliable reporting that classifies socially relevant topics. Because they are more important than ever for our togetherness and for our democracy.

Which socio-political debates and which technological developments affect you the most at the moment?

At ProSiebenSat.1, we use the relevance of our content and its strong reach, especially among younger viewers, to address and classify socially relevant topics. We stand for a clear stance, great credibility and information at eye level.

And thus for the fight against disinformation – on TV and on all our digital channels. In order to provide our viewers with reliable information even faster in the future, we are currently setting up our own newsroom. Because we take our responsibility as one of the companies with the widest reach in Germany seriously.

What will you present with your company at the #MTM22?

The internet has created discussion spaces with new rules of the game. But the increase in digital communication with all its advantages and disadvantages was only the beginning: media and media use will continue to change – quickly and profoundly. The regulatory environment must follow suit. In the future, we media houses will only win if we operate in a market environment where equal opportunities and rules apply to all competitors. This is where we want to provide important food for thought at the #MTM22 and shape a new logic together with politics.