The XR HUB Bavaria team is looking forward to welcoming you this year at the Medien.Bayern GmbH booth with its XR Spaces, among other things, and to guiding you through the EXPO and presenting the XR highlights there. Tours can be booked at the Medien.Bayern GmbH booth. The applications enable a new experience of history, theater and art.

Included are:

  • The BR – with Munich 72
  • The State Theater Augsburg
  • Viewpoint Tour
  • Magic Horizons
  • K5 Factory
  • xCircleThe Lindau Biennale
  • The artist collective #MakeUsVisible x denkFEmale

And in the year of the European Championships 2022 in Munich, we also offer you an XR Triathlon. Here you can try out how you can increase your fitness with XR and gaming technologies. Those who take on the sporting competition can win prizes.

Here are included:

  • icaros.com
  • lymb.io
  • sphery.ch

All XR Experiences at the #MTM22 are thanks to MedienNetzwerk Bayern, sponsored by the Bavarian State Chancellery. The XR Triathlon is hosted in cooperation with the Start into Media team.

The XR HUB Bavaria is a project of the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.
All teams are part of Medien.Bayern GmbH and together they strengthen Bavaria as a media location.