Prof. Ivan Yamshchikov

Professor for Semantic Data Processing and Cognitive Computing at the Center for AI and Robotics (CAIRO) – Technische Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS)

A researcher for AI and cognition with a strong affinity to applied, empirical, data-driven work. Popularizer of science. Co-founder of Creaited Labs. Founder of LEYA Laboratory for Natural Language Processing.

I did my PhD in financial mathematics, worked as a post-doc on creative AI at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig for four years. I have created my own Laboratory for Natural Language Processing Resaerch (LEYA) at Russian top University — Higher School of Economics. In 2022 I left Russia and my professorship due to my position against Russian invasion of Ukraine. Currently I work on various aspects of Natural Language Processing, consult companies on their AI products and teach financial mathematics at ISEG as a visiting associate professor at the University of Lisbon.